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Some thoughts on marketing and design

What Design Thinking Is & How Design Thinking Can Be Applied to Marketing

The term, design thinking, sounds kind of fancy, but actually its central idea is very simple. 

It is a process (or mindset, I agree with both. It just depends on how you define it.) of thinking, focusing on understanding people's needs, and designing more creative solutions to tackle problems. 

The design thinking process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Empathize: Empathize with the users for whom you are designing. 
  2. Define: Define what the real problem is.
  3. Ideate: Think out of the box and explore a variety of solutions. 
  4. Prototype: Create prototypes of your different solutions. 
  5. Test: Try possible outcomes. You never know which solution works before you try them in the real world. 
  6. Evaluate: Evaluate the results and decide the final solution.  

What makes design thinking essential in marketing is that it encourages marketers to empathize with the customers. Nowadays, marketing is not about the brand anymore, it is about the customers. Being customer-centric is the key for your brand to success. This process allows marketers to have a deeper understanding of their consumers and provide the most suitable solution for them. 

Harvard Business Review has a great article, Design Thinking, in which design thinking is explained in detail. I strongly recommend you to read the one if you can. 

It is a short introduction to design thinking, I hope you find it helpful. Please share it if you like it. All suggestions and comments are highly welcome.