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FitCity is a new web application which connects personal trainers and people who are looking for more affordable personal training and a more intimate work-out experience. I was responsible for the experience strategy and design of this web application app. I worked alongside the Principle of Night Owls to produce all major deliverables and presenting these to the client. To comply with my confidentiality agreement, here I have omitted and appropriated confidential information.



Our client approached us with two main objectives — to revolutionize the fitness industry and design a new work-out experience in New York City. 

Facing the competition from other fitness startup companies, our team was under extreme pressure to move fast. We were tasked to deliver the high‐fidelity prototype in a month and to begin development in the second month. The fact that our client was a startup companies and had no other resources doing the research meant I needed to conduct market research, user research, develop visual direction and design the experience right in the first four weeks.



Although our brief was to develop a web application that enable users to book private work-out sessions with personal trainers, we stressed that merely focusing on the function could neither compete with the other fitness apps in the market, nor had the best interests of the app's users at heart.


To differentiate ourselves in such a competitive market, we needed to find a desirable role for the app and how it would meet the both physical and emotional needs of users. We wanted to design something more meaningful.



The discovery phase was a quick, high‐intensity effort that allowed us to try out all the popular fitness apps, classes and begin research into user needs, behaviors and pain‐points. We conducted a focus group discussion to discover the psychology behind why people quit the gyms, finding that apart from the expenses, the other main reason that stops people from going to the gym is the atmosphere. There were a huge group of people who wanted to go to gyms and workout, but just being intimidated by the environment and fear that it would be awkward if they were the only ones who did not know how to use the equipments. 


The Vision

After our user research, we re-define the vision of the app. We wanted to build an app that not only makes personal training affordable, but also enable the users to book private work-out sessions with their friends. By doing so, we wanted to transform personal training into a an affordable and fun experience. 


Brand Experience & Visual Direction

In this competitive market, brands are challenged to differentiate. Understanding the usage contexts of the app helped us develop a clear vision of the tonal expectations of our users. We wanted to build an unique, fun, and compelling experiences can help the app stand out. To communicate the personality of our app to our client and team, we developed a set of experience principles. 


We wanted to provide an extra boost of motivation for our app users to work-out more through a fun and engaging ton of voice and visual design. To engage and motive the users to book more sessions, aspirational imagery and encouraging content were used on pages where our users might be considering booking a private session. In doing this, we hoped to amplify the positive aspects of working out with friends and help users focus on the benefits. We want to create a sense of motivation and aspire users know the benefit of working our with their friends with personal trainers. 


User Flow 

After identifying the main 'plot‐points' in our scenarios, we defined the primary pathways our personas would explore through the app. The main screen has been designed to allow users to quickly browse through the classes provided and the trainers' profile.  


Design - User Side

The goal of this page is to let users easily browse through all the classes that are available in their neighborhood and book the sessions directly on this page. We want to make this action as smooth as possible. 


A short video of the class would make the user quickly understand what the class is about. Users would also be able to book a session directly through the small calendar on the right side. 

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Trainer Side - Class Management

This is a page where trainers would be able to create and manage all the classes they have on FItCity. Whether it is a class that is pending for approval or a class that has already been launched, the trainer would be able to manage all of them, including reading reviews, editing class details here. 

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