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Food My Way


Food My Way

Health Is in Your Hand - a Mobile Application Plans Your Diet and Delivers to You



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NYU - E-commerce


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Food My Way is one of my school projects at NYU. This app began with a problem that my teammates and I had at that time: deciding what to have for lunch in the busy midtown Manhattan. We were both interning at companies in midtown and often find ourselves have no time to eat or do not know what is good for lunch. Therefore, we decided to take this opportunity to develope and evaluate concept for a new business: a mobile application plans healthy meals based on customers’ health condition and their goals and locates the restaurants that offer the meals they need.



Improve lunch experience for busy young professionals working in midtown Manhattan.



We conducted interviews on our friends and colleagues to find out about their pain points during lunch time. We analyzed the interview results by creating user persona and developing storyboards. The research helped us gain insight of the pain points that the users is experiencing and to construct a better solution to their problems. After multiple iterations, we created a mobile application, Food My Way, aiming at helping busy young professionals who work at midtown Manhattan to get the lunch they need.    


Food My Way enables users to:

  • Plan their diet based on their health condition and their goal

  • Decide what to have for lunch

  • Order lunch that helps them meet their diet goals directly from the restaurants that are close to their offices



FMY Interview.001.png

Customer Segments

Busy modern people who want to manage their weight or just to have healthier diet, but have no time to cook / do not know how to cook / have no time to do grocery shopping 

  • Geographic: big cities (New York City as the first target city)

  • Demographic: 20-35, young professionals and college students, male & female



- Restaurant Locating App



- Food Delivery App 


Value Positions: 

Time Saving, Convenience, Health

Our application can help those people who want healthier food but have no time to plan healthy meals for themselves. Food My Way can save their time and make their lives easier. 


Our app designs diet recipes best fit the customers based on their health condition and preference. Furthermore, the app will locate the restaurant that offer the meals they need, and the customers can choose either go to the restaurant by themselves or ask the restaurant to deliver for them. 


By using our app, not only will customers know what to eat, but also where to eat. They do not have to cook if they know nothing about cooking. Our app helps customers save time and make their lives easier.


Revenue Stream

  • Commission: 7% for each transaction

  • Advertising

    • Local advertising from businesses that want to be featured on Food My Way.

    • Brand advertising, i.e. display and text ads on Food My Way.



Wireframe: First time user

Wireframe: Return Users

Wireframe: Return Users


Visual Direction

I created two distinctive branding styles for this application. The first one is lively and energetic, which shares the same look and feel of typical food services app. The other one is more minimalistic, distilling the the complex nature of the brand into something that is simple and elegant.


I interviewed 12 of my colleagues and their friends who were working in midtown NYC. 9 of them voted for the second one. 

Food My Way_3_Visual_Shao-Jo_Lin-02.png

"The yellow and orange one make me think of fast food, which is unhealthy."


"I feel skinner just looking at the type of the second design."


"I love the color combination of the first one, but it doesn't resonate well with your services."


Therefore, I decided to go with the second visual style. 




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