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Industry City - Tenant Portal

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Cover photo by  Ferdinand Stöhr  on  Unsplash

Cover photo by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash


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Night Owls


Industry City





Industry City is a company located on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, which provides shared workspace and community for businesses. They came to Night Owls and cooperated with us to build a Tenant Portal on Nexudus platform. In this project, I worked together with the Principal of Night Owls to design a portal which is not only user-friendly but also visually appealing.



After completing the massive redevelopment of the 16-building complex in 2015, Industry City tried to find a more efficient way to manage the property and build a strong community. The primary goals for this portal are to connect IC tenants, attract more tenants and improve visitor experience.



Industry City team had interviewed their tenants and sent out a questionnaire, asking questions regarding their experience at Industry City and what features the tenants wished the portal would have. Based on the feedback from the interviews and Industry City business needs, the must-have features were decided.




This is the first that the user will see after they login the portal. The goal of the UI design is to direct the users with different needs to easily find the tools they are looking for.   


Tenant Directory

The tenants will be able to browse through the list of tenants in Industry with this directory. The filters on top of the page will be able to help them find the tenants they are looking for more efficiently.



The community page is one of the most important part of this tenant portal. It is a place for tenants to post announcements, create member events, share job opportunities, and even sell some second-hand goods. 


Conference Room Booking System

Conference rooms booking system allows the users to check the availability of conference rooms in Industry City and reserve conference rooms. It 


My Bookings

A page for users to check their booking records and would be able to edit their bookings directly on this page. 



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