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NYC Film Scout

An Online Marketplace for Filming Spots Rentals

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NYC Film Scout is my capstones project at NYU. I developed and evaluated concepts for a new business that would use direct and interactive marketing to achieve its sales and marketing objectives.

The entire project includes business strategy, category research, financial analysis, target-audience analysis, competitive strategy, brand positioning, customer-acquisition strategies and tactics, customer-retention plan, media planning, and sample advertisements design. My work includes financial projections for my company, from breakeven analysis to a full P&L analysis, a lifetime value analysis, and an operating budget.

Here I only present the key components for this project. To view the full presentation, please visit my SlideShare.


Big Idea

NYC Film Scout is a website for people to list, find, and rent filming spots in NYC. In other words, it is an online marketplace for filming spots rentals that connects users with property to rent with users looking to rent the space.




NYC Film Scout’s mission is to facilitate the connection between ‘willing' property owners and ‘needing’ filmmakers. Esthetic spaces should not be wasted; quality filming spots should not be that hard to find. By establishing NYC Film Scout, we hope to build a bridge between location owners who are willing to share their aesthetic space and professional filmmakers who are looking for proper shooting spots. 


For filmmakers, we are a trustworthy location scout who helps them find quality filming locations in an efficient way. For location owners, we represent an opportunity for them to share their awesome properties to the world and gaining extra revenue at the same time.




My role

User Research
Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Financial Analysis
UI Design
UX Design


NYU - Integrated Marketing Capstones Project



Photo Credit

Bryan Minear
Photo by  Sam McGhee

Photo by Sam McGhee


Business Model

  • Commission rate: 

From the location owner perspective, NYC Film Scout charges 15% of the booking price. Pricing can be determined by the user. Location owners can charge different prices for nightly, weekly, and monthly stays as well as seasonal pricing.

For filmmakers, NYC Film Scout charges 5% of the booking price as service fee for each location.


  • Advertising fee:

There will be two types of advertisements on the site: Promoted location listing & display advertisements. Both of the advertisement fees will be calculated by PPC (pay-per-click) model. 

  1. Promoted location listing: Promoted location listing is for location owners who want to further promote their listings on NYC Film Location owners pay NYC Film Scout for the right to prominently appear first on any given search. So if a filmmaker searches for “bars” in downtown, they will first be directed to the advertising bar before being shown organic results. ($3/click)
  2. Display advertisement: Including text and images ads. Display advertisement is for film related product sellers (professional camera, lighting equipments, etc.) who want to specifically target filmmakers in NYC. ($15/click)


Target Customers & User Personas

There are 2 different groups of users: the first one are the filmmakers, could be people working at independent film studios and film major students in New York City. The second one are property owners who are looking for opportunities to share their space. 

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Market Size

‘FILMMAKER’ Market Size

  • The roughly 4,000 small businesses that serve the film industry in NYC [1]
  • 130,000 local workers in the film business
  • 267 films were shot in New York City 2014, a major jump from the 188 shot 2013. [2]
  • On average, 12 movies are filming in NYC per day [3]


According to the Mayor's Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, on average, they receive “more than 3 inquiries from property owners everyday.”

The office has received so many inquiries from property owners that, according to Katherine Oliver, the new commissioner, it is upgrading its Web site ( to reflect the growing interest. Ms. Oliver hopes to expand the site's list of location service agents and provide information about insurance coverage and contracts. [4]


Potential Sales


  • 350 films filmed in NYC 2016
  • 6 major spots in each movie, 350*6=2,100 major filming locations per year
  • The average number of filming days per location: 10 days
  • first year market share: 5%
  • Average location filming price/day: $550 [4]

2,100 (locations) * 5% (market share) = 105 locations booked through our website

105 * 10 (days) * $550 (avg location price/day) * (15% + 5% commission rate) =  $115,500 (estimated sales for the first year)


Logo Design


Core Page Design




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