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Vital Strategies is a non-profit organization who partners with governments to improve health and well-being of the public. They came to Night Owls, the creative agency I worked at, to re-build the current Tobacco Control Mass Media Resource into a media resources library. In this project, we built a brand new website - Media Resources Library - for governments and other organizations to browse through the resources that Vital Strategies have, and learn more about how to create a successful marketing campaign.

In this project, I worked as the lead designer and cooperated with Vital Strategies team to build this website that is not only highly-usable but also meets their brand standards.



Vital Strategies was formed by the uniting of The Union North America and World Lung Foundation in 2015. While still working on critical lung health issues, Vital Strategies also addresses other leading areas of concern for public health, including road safety, obesity prevention and maternal health.

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Vital Strategies had identified the need to use their expertise to help governments and organizations educate the public on modern health issues. Our team was challenged to build a website that would help Vital Strategies connect with governments and a tool to help educate the governments to execute effective marketing campaigns.


However, the marketing resources that VS owns cover a wide range topics and come in many different formats, including posters, pack warnings, TV ads, radio ads, and marketing case studies. With Vital Strategies's large amount of campaign resources, how can we organize these resources and make something simple, informative and easy to use, helping the users to find what they need?

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First, I started by interviewing Vital Strategies team about their past experience on educating governments from different countries: what kind of resources do the governments usually look for? What’s the part that governments find most difficult in executing campaigns? How do Vital Strategies team usually communicate with governments all over the world? This helped me gain insight into users’ needs, prioritize the content, and have ideas on what features the website should have in order to help the governments executing the marketing campaigns.  


Secondly, I dived into all the media resources that Vital Strategies has and sorted them by the media type: print ads, video ads, and radio ads. This helped me figure out what sorting functions the website might need to have and how the resources could be categorized.



Interviewing the Vital Strategies team helped me see some blind spots that I needed to learn more about. Most of the time, governments work with Vital Strategies understand the importance of educating the public on health issues. However, they do not have the resources to produce their own ads, and find it difficult to develop a effective campaign. The way that Vital Strategies could help them the most is by providing them with the campaign materials that are ready-to-use, facilitating the licensing process, and making the ads easily available.


Feature List

Based on the target user’s needs, we decided on a list of “Must-Have” features for the media resources library.

  1. Multi-languages

  2. Filter resources by topic

    Users are able to filter resources by topic and media types

  3. Filter resources by media type

  4. Filter resources by licensing level (easy - medium - hard)

  5. Filter resources by adaptation level (high - medium - low)

  6. Related resources suggestion

  7. Favorite Lists

    Users are able to save lists of ads and resources. They are free to choose from any media type. These lists can then be shared with their colleagues or send directly to Vital Strategies and ask for licensing information

  8. Contact

    Users can contact Vital Strategies to ask for further information or help on implementing campaigns.


Content Architecture

We developed a loosely structured framework of the website. We focused on grouping the resources into different categories, helping the users to find what they are looking for. 



Design & Testing

After we all agreed on what features should be on each page, I designed the main pages with the brand guideline provided by Vital Strategies, and placed the screens into Invision and shared with Vital Strategies team to be tested.


Share Favorites List 

Users are able to save the campaign resources into the favorites list and share with their colleagues all at once through email.


Campaign Planning Resources

Apart from providing advertisement resources, this digital library also offers campaign planning resources for the users who are not familiar with executing campaigns. 


End Result

An engaging and informative media resources library. So that governments could easily explore, select and license advertisements, while also learn how to execute campaigns. 



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